Introduction to Explore & Score

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Explore & Score is where you open sound files, explore their structure, keep records of interesting events, score similarity, etc.
If you are new to SAP2011, we recommend you start by watching this video clip of Explore & Score. The next sections of this chapters will help you figure out who to get your analysis done most efficiently. But most important: SAP2011 is designed to facilitate your observations. It allows you to see more, and it provides quantitative measures that are always intuitive. So, when we are providing means of segmenting sounds we also make it easy to see how the algorithm works. When we compute features, we provide means of seeing their distributions in different types of sounds, etc. And the more you take advantage of these means you will start getting the most of SAP2011.
Here are some highlights of the Explore & Score interface:
  • SAP2011 provides you with several new ways of organizing your data and keeping track of your investigation. The Animal & file tab allows you to save different settings of SAP2011 parameters for different projects to keep your analysis consistent. Keeping data about the identity of your animal will allow automatic detection of the age of your animal at the time this file was created. You can write general comments about this file, and save interesting sound events by simply clicking on the sonogram image, as shown below.