Sound metadata

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Several meta data about recorded sounds might be stored by SAP2011:
The File Table: A file table is generated each time a live or a batch module create syllable tables or raw features tables. The file index then appear in those feature tables as an index to the file table, which tells you more about the identity, location and attributes of each of the sound files. As mentioned earlier, the File Table is an important utility that allows you to query arbitrary subsets of your raw data from any set of processed data. Here is the File Table structure:

Note that the file_age and the bird_age can be used to design queries for retrieving subsets of data. However, the file age is a bit less accurate than the ms table serial number time stamp. That is, the number of days elapsed from 1900 is accurate but the fraction of the day is not the same as number of milliseconds elapsed from midnight but the DOS time prompt, with accuracy of about 2 seconds. To overcome this, the recorder generates its own time code -- more about this in the next chapter.


The Bouts table contains the duration of the longest bout in each recorded file. It is used in the recorder self-feedback training, so as to pick playbacks form a recent file which contains the longest song bout (so as to avoid playing back too much noise. Fields include are:

recnum: the record number (auto-increment)
bout_duration: in milliseconds
file: include both file name and folder