Install SAP in Mac


SAP is incompatible with Mac OS. However, you can run SAP in Macs using Windows desktop, by following these steps:
1. Install a Parallels platform for windows (version 4 or higher, acadmic version should cost about $40). There are other virtualization software available which could, perhaps work too. The Parallels coherence mode is useful as it allows Mac and Windows apps to be open at the same time in the Mac OSX environment.
2. Install windows 7 (home version will do).
3. Install SAP, then MySQL workbench or whatever SQL clients are preferred.
Important comments:
- When installing SAP, it is advised to take windows to full screen mode.
- Windows 7 should have full access to all Mac hardware (drives, wireless, data ports) and it should share these with the Mac OS
- Windows XP may not work, we strongly recommend using Windows 7
- Avoid an installation of Windows from a disk image (which is what your IT department might recommend). This seems to result in windows with poor integration with existing hardware.
Please let us know if you have encountered any issues. We thank Christopher R. Olson (OHSU) for providing this information.