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Saving animal & file information

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In the Explore & Score module of SAP2011, we introduced several mechanisms for displaying and saving data, including saving the sonogram image, saving 'time events' (a certain moment in the sonogram), saving feature vectors (time course of features over an interval), and saving syllable features:
Saving sonogram images: in Sound1 or Sound2, place the cursor on the sonogram image and right click. Select 'Save this image' and name it. The image (including any visible curves) will be saved as a bitmap.
Metadata about the file & animal: Each time you open a sound file, SAP2011 can automatically retrieve information about the animal and about the specific sound file. It also automatically saves information you stored about time events.
Information about your animal: If you use files generated by Sound Analysis Pro, the first part of the file name is the animal name. SAP2011 will use this information to automatically retrieve information about that animal every time you open a file from that animal. This will include information including the experiment and also about the age of the animal when recording was done (this is achieved by comparing the file age to the animal age). Of course, you need to provide the information about the animal once. To do this, click 'load animal' in the Animal & file tab as shown below.
Select 'new animal' and add the information (its all optional, but the more the better). From now and on, every time you open a file of this animal, you will see the information you inserted in the Animal & file tab.
Information about the file: There are two equivalent methods provided for inserting and retrieving information about the specific file: one is in the 'open sound' window:
As you browse from one sound to the next, feel free to type comments on the right as shown. Next time you will browse those comments will show up and will remind you which file to open. The same comments will then appear in the main Explore & Score window:
And here too, you may insert and edit them as needed. SAP2011 does not remember the history of comments. A new comment will overwrite the previous one.