SAP2011 update page

Current version: 2011.092 (Jan 24, 2012)


To update an existing SAP2011 instalation do this:

1. Download sap2011.exerecorder.exe and replace the old file (usually in c:\program files (x86)\sap2011\

2.If you are updating from version SAP2011.80 or later, stop here. You are all set.

To update from earlier versions:

3. If you do not have it, download and then add this properties file in c:\sap\

4. Delete your settings table (to allow update of its new fields). Do this:

a. Start-> All Programs -> MySQL -> MySQL server 5.x -> MySQL command line client

b. In the command line type: use sap;

c. Click enter, and type: drop table settings;

d. type: drop table feature_scale; and click enter.



Manual instalation of recorder ActivX control:

If the installer did not succeed to register the recorder (class not registered error) follow these instructions:

First, confirm that the file ztbirdcontrolpack.ocx and the folders IO_Modules exist in your c:\windows folder. Those should be install there by the SAP2011 installer.

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories ->

and right click on the command prompt item. In the popup menu click 'run as administrator'.

In the command prompt type: cd c:\windows\

click enter, and then type: regsvr32 ztbirdcontrolpack.ocx

click enter. You should see a message indicating that the registration succeeded.



Bugs fixed:


January 2013:

- Pitch and Mean frequency SD wrongly presented Var in Explore & Score (fixed)


May 6, 2012, SAP2011.92

- Batch parameters are memories

- Playbacks work more reliably

- Explore & Score segmentation threshold display is now more accurate

- Segmented comparisons is more accurate

- DVD scatter plot movies parameters are now saved

- Saving bout table parameter in Live mode is now remembered


January 24 2012, SAP2011.089

-         Peak frequency value now properly adjust with frequency range.

-         Pitch values are no longer limited to 16 bit numbers, and are now correct for ultra sounds

-         In recorder, training state of channel 1 is now properly retrieved on startup.

-         In Live, file name now present time stamps with appropriate number of zeros in the ms since midnight

-         In Live, syllable tables names are now properly updated when starting

-         Menu is Live now works properly


Oct 17, 2011 bug fixed:

New features:

  1. SAP2011 now calculates fundamental frequency feature, as in the Brainard studies. You can choose between using pitch or fundamental frequency. The new feature often gives a more accurate pitch estimate, but computation time is longer.
  2. Principal contour feature was eliminated. Instead we now have peak frequency in addition to mean frequency. Mean frequency is usually better, but peak frequency has some advantages in noisy environment.
  3. More help content is now available in

Bugs fixed:

1.            Automatic Pagination now works properly

2.            Some bug in the playbacks in Explore & Score were fixed.

3.            Bug in time display in Explore & Score  sound 2 was fixed.

4.            Scroll bar in Explore & Score sound 2 is now working when clicking on syllable data

5.            Outline of feature vector is now showing up properly in Explore & Score , Sound 2.

6.            Live & Batch: the HP filters used to cause occasional crushes, some safety measures added in an attempt to resolve this

7.            Recorder: start and stop are now properly enabled after changing training schedule.

8.            Live – no change in amp label below slider

9.            Segmentation panel label does not work with pitch and mean frequency

10.          Live: all MySQL calls were removed from processing to improve performance

11.          HP filters are no longer leaking memory.



Sept 19 bug fixed:

Memory leak when using adaptive threshold and segmentation smoothing (all modules)

Got rid of the repeated mySQL parameter retrieval call in Live module



test/developer version